Course Restaurant Guide

Restaurant Matching & Bucketlisting 

Building your PersonalTaste profile for Course's AI to match you with restaurants you'll love is easy:

1. Take fun food quizzes.

2. Privately rate 20 restaurants you know (whether you like them or not).

3. Try some new places (dine-in, order delivery or pick-up curbside) and privately rate them too. 

*Course also lets you make and share restaurant bucket lists as easily as Spotify!

"The BEST" is Subjective

Course supports independent restaurants & bars by matching them with the guests who are most likely to love them - for free.

"We're committed to helping more people find more restaurants & bars they'll really enjoy...As a practical alternative to the public criticism that's often harmful and always biased, Course rewards guests for privately rating restaurants and bars by matching them with the ones that complement their PersonalTaste Profile."
- Josh Sapienza | Course 

Shareable Bucket Lists 

Our Spotify-like shareable list builder makes it so much easier to keep track of the restaurants featured on: TV, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.

Make a list of places you want to try, or a list of the ones you have tried and don't want to forget and share them with friends.

Whether you're planning a roadtrip, traveling for business, influencing followers, or hosting food-loving lifestyle travelers; Course LISTS adds an interactive element to any dining excursion.

(Note: Tapping on the name of a restaurant on any LIST takes you to their Course profile page where you can: privately rate them, add them to another list, get directions, go to their website, call them or even use the personal notepad to remember which dish(es) you want to try... or which ones you want to avoid. )
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