Eat Like A Local

with Course Restaurant Guide

Training Course's AI to learn your personal taste & match you with restaurants you'll love is easy:

1. Take fun food quizzes.

2. Privately rate 20 restaurants you know (whether you like them or not).

3. Try some new places (dine-in, order delivery or pick-up curbside) and privately rate them too. 

*Course also lets you make and share restaurant bucket lists as easily as Spotify!

Taste is Personal.

The way Netflix, Spotify and Amazon take the time to get to know your preferences, CourseĀ® Restaurant Guide uses your answers to fun food quizzes and PRIVATE restaurant ratings to learn what you like, what you don't like and how willing you might be to try something new.

We've taken restaurant bucket list making to another level as well! 
Think of Course's shareable restaurant & bar LISTS as Spotify-style "playlists" for food lovers like you. 

The World's Most Advanced Restaurant Bucket Lists !

Restaurants in any LIST you create (or download) are organized by city.

Tapping on the city reveals the names of the restaurants located there - which also serve as a link to their profile page.

Tap on the link / name of any restaurant to privately rate it, add it to another list, get directions, go directly to their website, call them or even take notes on what you want to try when you're there.

This feature makes Course the perfect digital companion for food festivals and culinary events.
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