Your Personal Restaurant Guide

Course® is the first (and only) personal restaurant guide powered by artificial intelligence and private reviews. 

Our proprietary Taste Recognition™ software helps you find more restaurants you’ll love whether you’re dining on-premise, picking-up curbside or ordering delivery.

See your compatibility with restaurants & bars for as low as $1.99/mo.

Scaling Personalization via Artificial Intelligence

The way Netflix, Spotify and Amazon suggest movies, music and products just for you; Course® uses your private ratings and artificial intelligence to help you find the restaurants & bars you're most likely to enjoy. 

We take restaurant Bucket Lists to a whole other level too! Think of Course® Lists as your Spotify-style food and beverage "playlists". 

Still Scrolling Through Other People's Opinions?

Take a break from scrolling through other people's opinions and spend some time training your own personal AI restaurant guide.

Course Restaurant Guide doesn't rate restaurants for you.
It uses everyone's private ratings and quiz answers to gradually learn what makes YOUR tastes and preferences unique.

The more it gets to know you, the better it gets at calculating your compatibility with restaurants & bars anywhere.  

And the accuracy of compatibility scores improves with every private rating, every quiz taken and every new member who joins our network

So spread the word and start privately rating restaurants today to see your compatibility pins gradually change from yellow to 

😍 or 🤤 or 🙂 or 🤨 or 😟 or 😭.
*We avoid conflicts of interest by selling memberships to our service instead of selling: your personal information, advertising, featured listings, higher rankings, SEO, reservation software, financial services or sponsored content.

The Alternative Restaurant Rating & Review Site


By removing public reviews from the equation, we're eliminating the need for people to "game the system" while mitigating the negative impacts caused by publishing: fake reviews, purchased reviews, solicited reviews and reviews by those who simply have an axe to grind.

We use emojis instead of stars to rate restaurants because focusing on how a restaurant makes you feel is far more productive than assigning them a score or value for everybody else... especially when the goal is to find more restaurants you'll love.


Forget the name of that hot spot in D.C. you saw on TikTok or those Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives you saw on the Food Network? The Course® "Bucket List" organizer is the best place to store the names (and locations) of the restaurants, bars, ghost kitchens, pop-ups or food trucks you're dying to try.

Soon, we'll even be able to notify you when you're near a restaurant on one of your Lists if you'd like us to.


Want to know the 10 most popular burger joints in a particular city? Any number of existing platforms can do that for you. Course®, on the other hand, will tell you which burger joints are actually serving the kind of burger you'd like...even if they aren't on the 'most popular' or local "Best of" lists. 

Course® can even determine how willing you might be to try something new. As soon as you download the app, you can kickstart the AI's learning by privately reviewing as many previously visited restaurants as you'd like and by taking as a few Taste Personality Quizzes.


"Course® Lists" are a great way to keep track of the restaurants you've heard about and want to try or the restaurants you've already visited and don't want to forget. 

Think of your customizable "Course® Lists" as your food & beverage outlet "playlists". 

The uniqueness of your "Lists" are limited only by your imagination. Make a list of the places that: are featured by your favorite TikTokers, play your kind of music on Thursday nights, are dog-friendly, have great rooftop bars, are opening soon or serve food the whole family likes near the Liberty Bell.


Turn on Social Discovery (coming soon) to know when other members are in the same establishment (as long as they've turned on Social Discovery as well).

Although their reviews and ratings will remain private, you can view their profile, food pics and the Lists they decide to make viewable before introducing yourself, asking them for a second opinion or sending them a invitation to join you.


Your personally identifying information and your ratings are kept private. 

It's literally (and we don't take the word "literally" lightly) impossible to slam any f&b outlet on Course® because the only person affected by your ratings is you. 
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