Personalized Restaurant Recommendations That Match Your Personal Taste.

COURSE® is the first and only digital dining guide fueled by private reviews and deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) for a truly personalized experience. 

Our proprietary TasteRecognition©️ software gets to know your culinary likes and dislikes then determines which restaurants are best suited to your own unique Personal Taste Profile. 

The Alternative Restaurant Ratings & Review App

Private Reviews

because "The Best" is subjective.

When it comes to taste... no opinion matters more than yours.
And yet...every restaurant rating and review platform out there gives food and beverage outlets a rating or “score” based on the opinions of people you’ve never even met before.

But the fact remains that whether the critics are: good friends, fellow travelers, acclaimed chefs or so-called “experts”... their opinions are still their opinions - and you’ve got your own.

COURSE® is the first and only digital dining guide fueled by private reviews and deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) for a truly personalized experience.

Artificial Intelligence

because finding other restaurants you love can take a really long time.

Our proprietary TasteRecognition©️ software gets to know your culinary likes and dislikes then calculates which restaurants are most compatible with your own unique Personal Taste Profile.

In short, COURSE® recommends restaurants you’re most likely to enjoy regardless of who or how many others may like them.

Having a COURSE® membership is like having a friend, in every city, who knows what you like and can make solid recommendations whenever you want them.


Have a trip coming up?

You can use the COURSE® LOG to not only keep track of the restaurants you've visited and dishes you've tried (under "HISTORY"); but to also store the names of restaurants you're dying to try.

Select a city, enter the name of a restaurant (or tag one from the list of restaurants recommended for you) then tag it as one of your "MUST TRY RESTAURANTS". 

COURSE® will organize your "MUST TRY" list by city and by overall compatibility. Ask COURSE® to then remind you of your interest whenever you're near one of them.



Dining with COURSE® is like dining with a friend in every city, whose perfect memory is dedicated to remembering your likes and dislikes. Your recommendations on COURSE® are not only personalized... they're reliable.

When you download COURSE®,  you're asked to review some of the restaurants you've already tried and take a series of brief Taste Personality Quizzes. Complete as many (or as few) of the quizzes as you like. But keep in mind, the more questions you answer (and more restaurants you privately review) the more COURSE® will be able to develop your Personal Taste Profile and accurately determine your favorite restaurants...including the one's you haven't even tried yet.

The Bottom Line

Our proprietary taste recognition software serves each individual consumer with the most personalized restaurant recommendations on the planet and our enterprise members with a revolutionary global food & beverage benchmarking tool. 

We're looking for beta testers to take the app for a test drive and tell us what they think.

Drop us a line at 800.484.1323 if you're interested. 
Eat like a local wherever you go.
Discover more small independent restaurants, bars and nontraditional F&B outlets.
Support our guest-centered* service.
Break away from rigged popularity contest sites and pay-to-play platforms.
Celebrate the diversity of taste.


By removing public reviews from the equation, we're putting an end to people gaming the system and eliminating the negative impacts caused by publishing: fake reviews, purchased reviews and reviews by those who simply have an ax to grind.


COURSE® is the best place to store and keep track of all the restaurants & bars you're been and all the ones you're dying to try.


Want to know the 10 most popular burger joints in a particular city? Any number of existing platforms can do that for you. COURSE® on the other hand, will tell you which burger joints are actually serving the kind of burger you like...even if they aren't on the 'most popular' or "Best of" lists.

COURSE® can even determine how willing you might be to try something new (if at all) soon as you download the app, start feeding the artificial intelligence software by privately reviewing some of the restaurants you've already been to and taking some of the Food Personality Quizzes.


COURSE® stores and organizes your favorite restaurants and the best dishes you've ever eaten so that you're able to share, compare or simply reminisce.


Turn on Social Discovery to know when other members, who's tastes are compatible with yours, are in the same establishment... as long as they've turned on Social Discovery as well.

Although their reviews and ratings remain private, you can view their profile, what they love and even see what's on their "MUST TRY" list before sending them an invitation to join you.


It's literally (and we don't take the word "literally" lightly) impossible to slam a restaurant or bar on COURSE® because your ratings are kept private instead of being broadcast for anyone else to see.

The pre-release version of COURSE® is now available to early adopters on Android devices.

As a beta tester, you’ll enjoy the app for free - and avoid the $0.99/month subscription fee.
*A guest-centered approach is a holistic empathetic approach to offering goods and/or services that seeks to provide an exceptional  personal experience for each individual guest before, during, and after their purchase.