Personalized Restaurant Recommendations

Build your Personal Taste Profile on COURSE® and the AI TasteRecognition software will tell you which restaurants are most compatible with your personal taste and individual preferences. 

 COURSE® is the first (and only) restaurant recommendation app fueled by your own private reviews & artificial intelligence for a truly unique experience. 

Private Reviews

When it comes to taste... no one's opinion matters more than yours.
And yet...every other restaurant rating and review platform out there gives food & beverage outlets a rating or “score” based on the opinions of people you’ve probably never even met.

Until now, all recommendation platforms suggest restaurants based on the type of cuisine they serve and how popular they are. But whether the endorsements are from: good friends, fellow travelers, renowned critics, acclaimed chefs or even culinary experts... their opinions are still their opinions - and you’ve got your own.

Artificial Intelligence

Our proprietary TasteRecognition software learns your culinary likes, dislikes and how willing you might be to try something new, then generates individually customized recommendations based on your own personal taste & individual preferences.

In short, COURSE® recommends the restaurants you’re most likely to enjoy regardless of who or how many others may like them.

Having a COURSE® membership is like having a friend, in every city, who's plugged in and knows you well enough to make reliable recommendations whenever you want them.

The Alternative Restaurant Rating & Review App


By removing public reviews from the equation, we're putting an end to people gaming the system and eliminating the negative impacts caused by publishing: fake reviews, purchased reviews and reviews by those who simply have an ax to grind.


COURSE® is the best place to store and organize the names (and locations) of restaurants & bars you're dying to try.


Want to know the 10 most popular burger joints in a particular city? Any number of existing platforms can do that for you. COURSE® on the other hand, will tell you which burger joints are actually serving the kind of burger you like...even if they aren't on the 'most popular' or local "Best of" lists. 

COURSE® can even determine how willing you might be to try something new (if at all) soon as you download the app, start feeding the Artificial Intelligence software by privately reviewing some of the restaurants you've already been to and taking some of the Taste Personality Quizzes.


COURSE® stores, organizes and cross-references your opinions on multiple aspects of ea. establishment you review as well as the best dishes you've ever eaten so that you can share, compare or simply reminisce.


Turn on Social Discovery to know when other members, are in the same establishment... as long as they've turned on Social Discovery as well.

Although their reviews and ratings remain private, you can view their profile, see which places they love and even see what's on their "Bucket List" before saying "Hi" or sending them a invitation to join you.


It's literally (and we don't take the word "literally" lightly) impossible to slam a restaurant, bar, food truck or any other f&b outlet on COURSE® because your ratings are kept private instead of being broadcast for anyone else to see.
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