Part-Time Digital Marketing Manager

Compensation: Commission + Equity


Remote w/ Quarterly  Meetings 


SMM, IMM/bots, SEM, Email Marketing, PPC(pref) & Affiliate Marketing (pref)


Responsible for adding to our team synergy, co-developing unique value-based content and implementing digital campaigns. 


Responsible for sharing our vision & culture, clearly articulating our expectations/goals and providing a combination of commission & equity-based compensation for your contributions as an independent contractor.
(484) 800 - 1323

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Philadelphia, PA  -  Boulder, CO  -  San Diego, CA


We’ve carried our latest project: Course - from the idea stage to the launch pad and, over the last two years, have had a great time doing it!

Although we’re very proud of what we’ve built, our ambition stretches further with every bit of progress we make. In order to reach our next milestones - and ensure our passion project doesn't become just another great idea that nobody's ever heard of - we need help leveraging our content, connections and collateral as efficiently as possible.

We’re looking to add an equity partner, to our small team of hospitality-minded strategists, who can do that.

If you're a skilled digital marketer who believes in what we're doing - and how we're doing it - we'd love to see a sample of your work and speak with you about this opportunity for early stage involvement.

While the SKILLS NEEDED are requirements, the candidate should be a foodie who's also seriously interested in contributing to the synergy driven by our shared values. 

Take a look at our Culture Statement and let us know if you think you'd be a good fit