Introducing Restaurant - Guest Matching Software Powered by Private Ratings and A.I.

Course Restaurant Guide is an alternative to public review apps like Yelp that gives independent restaurants & bars free exposure by matching them with the people who are most likely to love what they're offering.

Guests build a PersonalTaste Profile on Course by privately rating restaurants and then artificial intelligence calculates the compatibility between their profile and the restaurants & bars around them.

This personalized approach to recommendations paired with Course's list making & sharing feature has many calling us "Spotify for food ".

We reward guests for privately rating restaurants & bars so that operators can focus more on managing inside the four walls and less on managing their online reputations.

Please support our private ratings platform and a more personal approach to recommendations by displaying one of our window stickers at your establishment. 

You can request one by clicking on the purple button, texting your info to 484.800.1323 or by emailing it to

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