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We're a hospitality company using technology - as opposed to the other way around.

Course Restaurant Guide is an alternative to public rating and review apps.

We give independent restaurants & bars free relevant exposure by matching them with the people who are most likely to love what they're doing.

Guests build a PersonalTaste Profile on Course Restaurant Guide by privately rating restaurants and answering fun food quizzes. Our AI then calculates the compatibility between their profile and restaurants & bars everywhere.

This deeply personal guest-centered approach to service is paired with an innovative Spotify-like list making & sharing feature that makes our restaurant-friendly platform the perfect digital companion to any restaurant festival as well.

We believe that hospitality technology should exist to enhance human connection - not replace it. That's why we're committed to supporting the independent restaurants that make up every vibrant neighborhood and serve a wide diversity of tastes & preferences. 

We're rewarding guests for privately rating restaurants so that you can focus more on managing your staff and guests inside the four walls... and worry less about managing your online reputation.

Join the movement and support a more personalized approach to recommendations by displaying one of our window stickers near the entrance of your establishment. 

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